The End of D.M.C.?

I just finished the main story on Devil May Cry. It was very cool but I kinda figured what happened in Chapter 20 would happen. But I also got it spoiled for me just by seeing the title of the DLC :O

Don’t look at the DLC, avoid it like the plague if you want a surprise. All I can say about the end is yes it was awesome with a good wrap up to this game and during the mission make sure to use a gun (I don’t recommend KaBlooey) or Aquila and make sure to activate your 10S4cb483 Devil Trigger at the end or it will just keep going.

There may be another Devil May Cry revamp to carry on this ones tale. Hopefully there will be and in the meantime the DLC looks very interesting and may be something I play after a break, it took me log enough to finish the story lol.

Follow the link for more on this game:

D.M.C. Devil May Cry



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