Starting Thief

Well my first impression was that Thief was going to be just like Dishonored, which in the ways I described on the page it is, but it has a very engaging story and way different feel to the environment and how you move in it.

There are a lot of items and collectibles to steal in each chapter (the name of the game) and with them glittering in the dark, it’s hard to ignore them. It feels like you a raven, “Oh Shiny!” going out of my way to collect all these things without detection.

The prologue was exciting and gave a launch to the game that makes the story a must to complete. While learning the in and outs of Garrett, main character, you are introduced to a young women thief, Erin. She is spirited and believes herself to be better than master thief, Garrett, himself. She teases him while you follow her to the job and even brags about a hook devices to made herself to scale walls.

There is a point in the game where Garrett shows his moral standings when he kinda freaks out on Erin for killing a guard instead of knocking him out.

Erin is super defensive and full of herself which gets her AND YOU into trouble starting the game.

I happened to play as an opportunist and tried to grab all the loot I could while making sure to knock everyone I could out lol.

I knocked out the jeweler, all the guards (even the ones that were sleeping) and I even knocked out the jeweler’s wife who was upstairs reading a book by the fire. I threw her body in a dark corner of the room and she was all face first into the wall on top of baskets lol. There was a shining cup on the table next to her I couldn’t reach!

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