Finished South Park: TSoT

We (Heather1492, MiSsXxVeNgEaNcE, and I) have finished South Park: The Stick of Truth.

I thought at first when looking at the trophy list that this game was going to be very immature and not as funny as I had hoped. However, I think it did the show justice lol.

unnamedThe humor was ridiculous and so bad/gross. I would replay it again if I hadn’t gotten it out of the redbox for so many days.

I played as the Thief class and really like the moves I was given such as The Death of a Thousand Cuts. This move was great for hard battles because it would hit all of the enemies randomly and cause a lot of bleeding damage.

unnamed (2)Butters was my ideal companion, his hammer attacks were really helpful and healing is always good, but when I had to have a different choice I liked having Stan to slash away at a row at a time.

I think we all came really close to platinum and if we all had the chance we would try for 35Saa4634More popular Than John Lennon, where you must become friends with all 120 characters and 29Sf18bf3No Friend Left Behind, where you must complete the game without a friend being KO’d leaving battle.



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