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The current games I am either playing though or platinum hunting :D
– Wolfsongs

The Brothel and The Asylum

This game is way more involving than Dishonored. The story is strange and you feel more personal with the main characters.

I feel frustrated when Garrett is blamed for things and hold my breath around corners or when hiding.

unnamed (3)


This guy was particularly frustrating and my first knock out where I just openly ran at the guards and hit him.


unnamed (5)

The guards have interesting dialogue and are pretty smart when it comes to finding you. This conversation was about whether or not they should be searching the dead for rings.


I happened to make it through The Brothel pretty fast and without too much boobage in meh face. I did peep through peepholes which was a big mistake lol.

unnamed (6)I thought I was in the clear until I came out from the caverns (which you can navigate much like Assassin’s Creed) and right under the bed of a certain sicko general.

As seen in the featured pic above. My face pretty much matched his – WTF?

Another eventful chapter was The Forshaken.

unnamed (9)


I hate it when things jump out at you when you’re minding your own sneaky business!There are lots of scares during this asylum chapter. 

unnamed (8)

Look at this creepy mother fucker! He was suddenly there when I crouched into that office. I was like “How the hell am I going to get around him without him scaring me”

I creeped around the corner and saw that there was a cabinet I hadn’t opened so naturally I opened it. A glass bottle fell from the top of it and I flipped shit and ran back to the office. The guy was gone but I assumed it was because he had ran towards the noise to rip my face off. I waited then peeked around the corner and he wasn’t there….like at all.

This….is the theme of this chapter. How many times can we get Wolfsongs to yell Holy Shit.

Music is what got me through this chapter without dropping my controller, actually it was My Songs Know What You Do In The Dark by Fall Out Boy played on repeat lol. Which went great with the atmosphere and especially with the visions of fire.

I will be finishing up the game soon and will keep you posted.

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Finished South Park: TSoT

We (Heather1492, MiSsXxVeNgEaNcE, and I) have finished South Park: The Stick of Truth.

I thought at first when looking at the trophy list that this game was going to be very immature and not as funny as I had hoped. However, I think it did the show justice lol.

unnamedThe humor was ridiculous and so bad/gross. I would replay it again if I hadn’t gotten it out of the redbox for so many days.

I played as the Thief class and really like the moves I was given such as The Death of a Thousand Cuts. This move was great for hard battles because it would hit all of the enemies randomly and cause a lot of bleeding damage.

unnamed (2)Butters was my ideal companion, his hammer attacks were really helpful and healing is always good, but when I had to have a different choice I liked having Stan to slash away at a row at a time.

I think we all came really close to platinum and if we all had the chance we would try for 35Saa4634More popular Than John Lennon, where you must become friends with all 120 characters and 29Sf18bf3No Friend Left Behind, where you must complete the game without a friend being KO’d leaving battle.


Yes This Game Is Old

Well looky what I started up again. Anyone remember this ancient game? I can’t believe the servers are still up and we can find matches.

My last trophy for it was 4 years ago lol. I saw someone wanted to do a game session for mutiplayer and I was like “Why not?”

unnamed (1)Anyone interested in challenging the group or helping us boost, here’s the link for the session:

Brutal Legend Gaming Session

(No set time and date anymore just whenever we are all on and wanting to :P).

We do have the 26Sfdb5adSix Degrees of Schafer trophy for playing with someone who has this trophy.


Starting Thief

Well my first impression was that Thief was going to be just like Dishonored, which in the ways I described on the page it is, but it has a very engaging story and way different feel to the environment and how you move in it.

There are a lot of items and collectibles to steal in each chapter (the name of the game) and with them glittering in the dark, it’s hard to ignore them. It feels like you a raven, “Oh Shiny!” going out of my way to collect all these things without detection.

The prologue was exciting and gave a launch to the game that makes the story a must to complete. While learning the in and outs of Garrett, main character, you are introduced to a young women thief, Erin. She is spirited and believes herself to be better than master thief, Garrett, himself. She teases him while you follow her to the job and even brags about a hook devices to made herself to scale walls.

There is a point in the game where Garrett shows his moral standings when he kinda freaks out on Erin for killing a guard instead of knocking him out.

Erin is super defensive and full of herself which gets her AND YOU into trouble starting the game.

I happened to play as an opportunist and tried to grab all the loot I could while making sure to knock everyone I could out lol.

I knocked out the jeweler, all the guards (even the ones that were sleeping) and I even knocked out the jeweler’s wife who was upstairs reading a book by the fire. I threw her body in a dark corner of the room and she was all face first into the wall on top of baskets lol. There was a shining cup on the table next to her I couldn’t reach!

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The End of D.M.C.?

I just finished the main story on Devil May Cry. It was very cool but I kinda figured what happened in Chapter 20 would happen. But I also got it spoiled for me just by seeing the title of the DLC :O

Don’t look at the DLC, avoid it like the plague if you want a surprise. All I can say about the end is yes it was awesome with a good wrap up to this game and during the mission make sure to use a gun (I don’t recommend KaBlooey) or Aquila and make sure to activate your 10S4cb483 Devil Trigger at the end or it will just keep going.

There may be another Devil May Cry revamp to carry on this ones tale. Hopefully there will be and in the meantime the DLC looks very interesting and may be something I play after a break, it took me log enough to finish the story lol.

Follow the link for more on this game:

D.M.C. Devil May Cry


Pushing Through D.M.C.

I’m currently on Chapter 15 out of 20 of the main story.

I’m just trying to finish the story and maybe some cleanup trophies but I don’t think I’ll be going for plat on this right now. I really rather move on since the gameplay is a little stressful.

It’s more of an art of finding a button combo you like and evading the bigger guys. I’m really happy with the 11S88c7d9Aquila angel weapon, it really plays into my don’t-get-near-me-punks game style ^_0

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D.M.C. Devil May Cry


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