Rating: 5/10

 I got this game on Steam for 5$ (Normally 20$)

Lucius was quite fun.  Its a bit refreshing that instead of being the hero that saves the day you are the one that is behind everything! Muwhahaha!

Lucius is an fun adventure and puzzle game. Satan himself is putting you through trials to see if you are truly worthy to be his son. He comes to you some days and demands souls. In exchange he will give you powers. Lucius is grim and completely opposite from many other adventure games. Be prepared to kill…a lot.

I felt this game was good, but didn’t reach the standards it should have. I played in low graphic causing some of the paintings and figures far away to not even appear. Even in high, the graphics were not great. I also think that a few more basic hints would have been great.

Overall I’d give this game a medium rating and would suggest it for a fun game to play 🙂


Click Below for post about Lucius!

  1. Shouldn’t have opened the door..
  2. Peeping Lucius
  3. Finished!

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