Rating: 9/10 ❤

Terraria is a great sandbox, indie game that is hard to tear yourself away from. It has been said to be a 2D version of Minecraft, but I think it has some some exciting features to call its own.

One of the greatest things about Terraria are the bosses; they give the player something to work for.  You explore your world, high and low, looking for ores, baddies, and treasures. As you build your home and armory you’ll notice new friends joining your world. There are multiple NPCs that come to join your fight against the bosses. Along with the NPCs, there are a wide variety of mobs to defeat, or love, in Terraria. On your adventures through the earth keep your eyes peeled for those golden chests; not only will you find treasure, but your next pet might be in one. The amount of weapons in this game are insane. There are multiple weapons for magic, melee, or archer. You’ll easily find one to your liking. Don’t forget to get to the alchemy station and make health potions: they’ll be useful.

This game also has a feature called ‘Hardmode’. It’s something kind of unique that puts a spin on the game. Once you think you’ve done it all, your world is changed and there is more for you to discover. In hardmode there are new mobs, weapons, armor, and more. Parts of your world now becomes hallowed and your corruption spreads. So grab a friend, or play alone, and jump into a Terraria world.

(This game still get’s updated so bugs are patched and new things are added)


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