The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Rating: 9/10

If you loved the first game then you’re going to love The Last of Us: Left Behind. You jump right back into the the emotion, intensity, and danger you felt with the first game.  Left Behind fills in some gaps as well as telling us a little bit about Ellie before she meet Joel.  As you play you get to see Ellie in a totally different state; not so hardened. It helps you to remember that she is just a kid.  Left Behind also brought something new to The Last of Us. This time it allows you to use the Infected as a tool. There were multiple times that humans are after your character and Infected are near by. By throwing a brick or bottle you can use the infected and humans as weapons against one another. It was a great feature and really came in handy when out numbered. If I had to list one down side to the game it would be the length.  I know it was a DLC but they drew me right back into the game and it ended too soon.

If you haven’t played the DLC yet (or the The Last of US) do its soon! It’s an amazing story with amazing game play.


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