Dead Island


Dead Island was one of two free games on Xbox with the Games with Gold system. It was released at the beginning of this month and was available until the 15th.

As you start up the game you have to suffer through a horrible rap song that starts before you get up to the start-up menu. The song will be forever in your memory sadly.

I decided to play the game on  coop with three other friends for the majority of it and had a blast. Three of them chose Sam B while I chose  Xian Mei, the sharp weapon specialist.  

She was fun to play as and definitely held her own against the Ram. Just get someone to distract them and use a decent modded weapon right in the mid of his back.

Blunt weapons are absolutely horrible against him but are great against the Thug as Sam B. If you want to level him up quickly just break the Thug’s bones and you’ll get a pretty good amount of xp. Also, activate that fury mode whenever you can. I tended to forget about it and one of my friends used it way more than I did and he ended up being 2 to 3 levels ahead of me.  

I didn’t have much experience with Purna (gun specialist) or Logan (“Jack of All Trades”) but I still need to play them through the first act.

Once you finish the first playthrough it does offer a sort of second playthrough where you get more xp. When I ended on mine I was around level 40-so not too bad for you trophy/achievement hunters to get to level 50.

The game was pretty glitchy throughout it as well. From going underground to getting your car stuck on invisible nothingness. I dropped out of a game and did a mission without them and joined back and we couldn’t turn in the mission due to an item missing, so never try that out. He had to leave and find the item and then invite us back. 

All in all it was a great game to play along side friends, alone, however was pretty boring. It seemed way easier to kill enemies and you just didn’t feel the need to do the side quests due to it being tedious. 

Overall I give it a 7.5/10.



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