The Wolf Among Us

Just finished the second episode of The Wolf Among Us. What to say? The game itself is amazing. I love the whole “comic book” graphics. It’s only $5 for the first episode and $15 for the season pass which is the remaining episodes (2-5) or you can pay $5 for each as they are released.

I hate that I have to wait for the next episode but the wait is always worth it. The story keeps you interested even though you barely move the main character, Bigby, you are still so involved in the gameplay. I love how you can always compare your choices to others at the end of the game.  I usually only get about 3 hours of gameplay max per episode but the $5 is worth it.  If you are going for all of the fable entries just follow this guide.

I am definitely psyched  for the next episode but it still has a TBD tag. everywhere that I have looked. The first one was released December 4th and the second one on February 6th so my guesstimate is early April since they are all supposed to be released by this summer.


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