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A blast from the past!

Steam is having a sale on Rockstar games and I got Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 🙂


I’ve played through some of this before back when I was younger and was happy to get it again. The graphics, definitely compared to today’s gaming, is awful, but the game has been fun nonetheless!

If you want to take advantaged of the sale on steam click here! Or search it on your steam client.



I finished Lucius!


Well, I finish Lucius! 🙂


Crazy ending, but not really unexpected. I enjoyed the game while I was playing it, but found myself frustrated at times. The quest book didn’t always tell me what I needed so I’d have to travel the whole house until I figured it out. (Or looked up a Walkthrough).

I also experience a few glitches, but that might have been my computer. (Haha)

All in all I had fun, and definitely worth the five bucks I paid 😀