LotR: War in the North

My first impression of Lord of the Rings: War in the North was that:

A. It was going to be a very straight forward and either very short or long story.

And B. The gameplay shared some similarities with the game S710af7Hunted: The Demon Forge (which I got platinum for and found very fun :P).

The story takes place along side the books/movies from the point of view of those fighting in the North, if the title didn’t already give that away. The three protagonist are after Sauron’s lieutenant,  Agandaûr. They make many familiar and new friends along the way.

ldscrn19_urgostslairThis is set up to be a very simplistic RPG. You get to choose between three basic classes represented by a specific character. The other two characters will accompany you as AI or other players in Multiplayer. Equipment can be found or bought at stores and appearances can be slightly altered but besides that it is very much like a basic adventure game.



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