Metro: Last Light

I began this game yesterday and choice to play stealthily to hopefully knock out 51Sf49e73Shadow Ranger and 47Seef90eRedemption on my first playthrough, so basically trying to be good and not kill any “innocent” people.

I have enjoyed it’s simple to navigate areas and am not running into any trouble so far. The only thing I’m having to check myself on is making sure I have strummed the instruments before moving on.

It has been confirmed that in order to get 11Sa50c77 Musician trophy, you must play a total of 17 instruments in various locations…in order..,in ONE PLAYTHROUGH. You can not use chapter select and play through to the end, it will not count making this trophy highly missable without a good guide (

Much like the person playing in the video, it may be a good recommendation to go for this trophy during your guns-ablazin’ playthrough so you don’t have to worry about raising an alarm from your sick accordion solo. Highly unlikely you will be caught by playing it more like getting caught on the way doubling back or a body being found because I played a piano right beside a soldier and he completing ignored it.

Chapter trophies and stealth have been easy and with chapter select these shouldn’t be a problem.

I am currently on Chapter – Regina so about half way ;).



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