This game is actually the fourth installment of a series that began in 1998 with the first game Thief: The Dark Project. This series followed the main character and master thief, Garrett.

Thief is a stealth (obviously stealth lol) adventure game but with supernatural and steam punk themes much like we saw with the awesome game, S6bdaf6

However, while Corvo was trying to clear his name and rescue the young empress’s daughter who he was sworn to protect, in this fantasy/steampunk world you take on the role of this version of Robin Hood, intending to steal from the rich for the poor.

thiefpreorder_trailer_still_thumbThe game is choice-driven with a number of options I personally can’t wait to try out. The abilities are cool but very thiefy and expected, such as pickpocketing and using a BlackJack weapon.

Everything else seems to reflect back on Dishonored. There’s even a plague, powers, and a tyrant you must take down!

For More On This Game:

Starting Thief

The Brothel and The Asylum



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