You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack is a trivia game which is both clever and fun to share with friends. It can be played single, local, or online.  There are a lot of hilarious innuendos and commercials throughout gameplay.


Boosting is recommended for online trophies especially hard ones such as 33S1c04d4Always a Bridesmaid and the ranking based ones 32Sc40ff4 Lose to a Loser and 31Sa0a28a Beat a Winner.

I recently participated in a Gaming Session to complete these hard to get online trophies (

There are 73 different episodes with 11 questions each and 1 prize in each episode. To finish all the episodes requires a lot of time and energy to finish them all but it’s great for parties!


Updates on my road to Platinum will be posted here:

Last Few Trophies Grind



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