South Park: The Stick of Truth

Wolfsongs and I both picked up South Park: The Stick of Truth recently.  So far of what I have played this games has been both fun and funny. If you love south park (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll have to give this game a try.

This game has been incredibly funny.  The game almost feels like you are just watching another episode of South Park. At the beginning of this game you can choose between being a Fighter, Mage, Theif, or Jew.  I choose the Mage. As you play further you gather better weapons and armor, as well as new farting powers.


The more I’ve played the more I’ve laughed. I took pictures for a passport and some how ended up in my undies! Don’t worry I beat up that pervert. I’ve doubled as a girl to learn about a double crossing skank and saved everyone form the mega fetus of Khloe Kardasian.

3 photo

This game if definitely awesome.  It’s got a great story line along with some really fun side quests.

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